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Chinese wedding actual day package

Capturing photos and videos of the wedding day is essential in Chinese traditional weddings. These beautiful memories can be preserved forever, allowing people to reminisce about the wonderful moments of the wedding day. We are a company specializing in wedding photography and videography for couples in the Kuantan area. We will provide you with high-quality photography and videography services to capture your precious moments on your special day. Let us document your special day and leave you with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


Wedding day Morning ceremony and Dinner

  • In the morning, we will have one photographer at the bride's location to cover the makeup sessions, and another photographer at the groom's location to cover the groom's preparation. The ceremony will be followed by Ji Mui games, tea ceremony, group photos, and outdoor shoots.

  • The morning session will end by 1 pm at the latest. We'll then prepare for the Same Day Edit (SDE) slideshow, which requires 4 hours of editing time to play during dinner.

  • Dinner, We'll arrive at around 6:30 pm to cover the decorations, guest arrival, march-in, dinner candid shots, cake cutting, toasting, or 2nd march-in, and table-to-table "Yam Seng". Finally, we'll capture the guest leaving, and our services will end around 10:30 pm.

  • All of the photos will be checked and provided with a download link.

  • The delivery time is between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the month's schedule.

2 Professional photographer (Full Day)


1 Professional photographer (Full Day)

Wedding day Morning ceremony and Dinner

  • The different is , Photographer will be begin with the makeup session at the bride's side, followed by capturing the groom's preparation 30 minutes before he departs from the house. We will then document the rest of the event until it ends at 1 pm.

Whatapp us at : +6 019-938 8238 (HING)


1 Professional Videographer

Wedding day Morning and Dinner coverage

We offer a short video that captures the most special and happy moments of your wedding day.
The video is typically 3-6 minutes long and is edited to be played during the dinner reception.
Trust us to capture the essence of your big day and create a video that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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